Engagement at Batsto Park | South Jersey Engagement Session | Batsto State Park | Celine and Shea


Engagement Session at Batsto St. Park | Spring Engagement session in South Jersey | Celine and Shea

Engagement at Batsto Park.  There is a historic village at Batsto State Park that is one of my favorite locations for photo sessions.  I love all the old buildings in the historic village.  They offer such a great variety for sessions. It is a perfect spot any time of the year.  If you are looking for a rustic feel to your sessions this is a great location.  The park is also the home of the “famous” Blue door. It is a must photo stop when I am there!

Celine contacted me about an engagement session a couple months ago.  She had no idea where to go for the session and was looking for a suggestion.  She loved the idea of going to Batsto historic village and so we scheduled a date.  Our first date did not work out so we had to reschedule. Our new date ended being a better choice because we had the perfect spring evening.

Sweet couple

These two were so cute together.  They laughed with each other the whole time. Celine and Shea are both very simple people and love the little things in life. They met while working together at a nursing home in PA.  Since they were both seeing other people when they met, they started out just as friends. A few months later both of their previous relationships had ended, and they started to hang out with each other more.  They started dating and were enjoying their time together.  After 6 months of dating Shea had a job opportunity in NJ. They both decided to relocate to NJ, continue their relationship and start a new chapter in their lives.

Shea proposed to Celine at their home.  Shea wanted to surprise her with a proposal, so he planned it for when she got home from work.  He put up their Christmas tree and decorated it with lights that said, “Marry Me?”  When Celine opened the door, she saw the tree and said yes to his proposal!

Engagement at Batsto Park

There are so many great locations at Batsto that I usually need a plan to make sure I don’t get sidetracked when I am there. ha-ha.  I must make sure that we have some time at the old general store.  That is the home of the “famous” blue door.  It is famous because I have used this location at every session. When my couples see the door they recognize it from seeing gallery photos and are excited to get their photos taken at the same location.  I just love the color of the door and the different textures of the wall and windows.  Every time I go there, I do seem to find a new spot that I must add to my list for future sessions.

Wedding date in the future

Celine and Shea enjoy traveling together.  They love going on cruises which they hope to be able to do again soon. They also do many home improvement projects together and their 3 rescue dogs keep them busy.  A wedding date will be in their future. Right now, they are just enjoying their lives together!

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