quick facts about me

Memories by Maria Photography was started because of my love for photography. I have been taking photos since I was young, thanks to my father, who documented my childhood with photos. He taught me the importance of photographing your life.  

Friends and family encouraged me to take my love for photography and make it a profession for many years. I finally took their advice in 2013, and Memories by Maria Photography was born.  

I treasure my photos and photos from generations past. I always feel honored to be chosen to capture memories for families and wedding couples. Treasured moments captured forever. 

I am a mom of two children who are starting to live their own lives, so I can come from years of experience guiding your growing family sessions. 

Hi, I'm Maria!

+ My home is in Mays Landing, NJ. I have lived in 7 other states! 

+ I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with buttercream, real buttercream frosting and Amazon Prime, but hey nobody is perfect! Right?! 

+ I love watching fixer upper and design shows on TV! I would love to do so many of those ideas but I can not do it myself! I don't have the patience and me and glue guns don't get along! 

+ I love college basketball, Syracuse University is my Alma mater!. 

+ I listen to 80's Hair bands! Give me some Poison, Def Leppard and White-snake!.
+ I LOVE margarita's in a tall glass with lots of salt and pair it with nachos...heaven!

quick facts about me

My style is cozy, comfortable and inviting. I like to live in it and I like to wear it.  I will take my sneakers over heels any day of the week. 

I also am not graceful. I could have never been a ballerina although I tried very hard.  I have been known to trip, stumble and even walk into a tree during my sessions!

I love coffee! I can drink it at any time of the day. I have also started to drink it black! Yum.

When I moved to NJ I was excited to be by the beach! I love it anytime of the year. And I love my family! My kids are grown and living their own lives. My husband enjoys traveling, eating and Ohio state football.

I love decorating. I graduated from Syracuse University with my degree in Interior design. I enjoy creating tablescapes and adding bits and pieces to a room to complete the look.

I also am a mix of the old and new.  I love the shabby chic farm house look but also some of the new modern details. Mixing them together for me is perfect.

My design style is ecletic

Well....I have one happy hour go to drink, but only if they are made the right way! I love margaritas. But I have become a bit of a snob when I am out and want to order one.  It has to be top shelf tequila, and not made with a mix. I have had some good ones and some that I can't even drink.  Oh and don't forget the salt, lots of salt.  I know, not good for me!

My go-to happy-hour drink

My dad started my love for photography.  He took pictures all the time which were actually slides, and eventually I wanted my own camera. The rest is history. 

I love photos. I have scrap-booked since a young girl. Photos are a part of my life.  It is proof that you were here! Being able to capture moments for others is my dream job! Please don't let your images stay on your computer! Print your images! Hang them on your walls! Send them to family and friends.

Why I Became A Photographer

My birthday is in August so I was born a summer girl. I love the months between May and September. Give me hot, sunny days over the cold, damp and snowy days of winter. Spring would be my next favorite time of the year. I like Spring when it teases us with the warm sunny days which gets me excited, then the next day it can snow which makes me sad.  Fall can be pretty with the fall colors but not I'm not a fan of it getting colder and the trees and flowers dying.  

My Favorite Season is Summer

I love to travel.  I have lived in many different states and have seen a lot of the United States.  I do have a couple of places I want to visit! I would love to rent a car and drive the Pacific Coast Highway.

I really don't have to travel far to visit my favorite place, the beach! Tropical beaches are beautiful but so are the beaches of the Jersey shore!

My Favorite Place to Visit

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