Cape May Engagement Session | South Jersey Engagement | Cape May, NJ | Julia and Aaron


Cape May Engagement Session | South Jersey Engagement Session | Julia and Aaron

Cape May Engagement Session.  Julia and Aaron knew they wanted to have their engagement session on the beach when we first started to make plans.  I suggested that we go to Cape May. Cape May has always been one of my favorite locations.  I have found a beach that is off the beaten path and has a great  path leading down to the ocean. So far, this location hasn’t let me down and it was simply perfect for their session!

Julia and Aaron are getting married April 2022 at the Winddrift in Avalon, NJ. I am excited to capture their wedding day at this venue because it is gorgeous and it is a beach front location with great views of the ocean.  We started to make plans for their engagement session soon after their wedding date was booked.  We scheduled their session on April 24th which is exactly one year from their wedding date.

Gentle Ocean Breeze

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give us the sunny weather, but she did give us gentle ocean breezes!  The dress Julia wore was the perfect choice.  It was beautiful and had lots of movement.  We were able to get some photos on the dunes, with the Cape May lighthouse in the background, on the rock jetty and on the beach path.  Julia and Aaron were rock stars with their posing and my favorite photos are when I caught them giggling with each other.  I could see the love that they have for each other and I feel I captured it in their photos.

One of the best part of meeting new couples is getting to know them and their love stories.  When I write their engagement blogs, I like to include their love story.  Everyone’s story is so different with different situations but so similar in the end result!  I ask all my couples to send me their story so that I can add it to their blog post.  I just adore Aaron and Julia’s love story.

The love story

Julia sent me 2 versions of their love story. Usually, I use bits and pieces of the information they give me and work it into the blog post. But one of the verisons that Julia sent to me I felt needed to be used in its entirety.  It is beautifully written and tells their story so well.

Julia and Aaron’s love story written by Aaron

Chance is something no one counts on, but it often pays off in volumes.

Aaron from Pittsburgh and Julia from Philadelphia would have never met if not for Penn State.

Honesty can be intimidating, but when venerable, one can rely on others.

After becoming close, the two told each other how they felt and started dating in 2015.

Habits lead to a want for change, but some changes are not always wanted.

While freed from their college schedules, Julia and Aaron longed for each other and made the summers feel like an eternity.

Introductions act as the crux of one’s outlook of someone.

Julia and Aaron met each other’s families and set a solid foundation for their future.

Growth is often painful, but pain helps one become stronger.

The later years of college tested the couple academically and mentally, but through every stressful experience, they had each other to lean on.

Loneliness can make one sad, but longing makes one appreciate what they have.

Julia’s graduation in 2017, a year before Aaron’s, made them appreciate the time they had together at school.

Maturing often means giving up things you enjoyed, but not everything can be outgrown.

Aaron landed a job near Julia, and the two knew that they had cleared their last hurdle as a college couple.

Overexposure can lead to fatigue, but some things one can never get enough of.

With a new apartment, Aaron and Julia moved in together and kept each other company through the pandemic.

Love is nurtured, but true love thrives naturally.

At Penn State, Aaron proposed to Julia in December of 2020.


The proposal

On their way back to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve 2020 they stopped at Penn State, their alma mater.  Aaron took Julia to an archway in the West Halls courtyard and got down on his knee to propose. After six years, Julia felt it was fitting to say “YES”, at the spot where it all began.  Oh, my goodness…my heart!!

Cape May Engagement session

I enjoyed their session and loved getting to know them better.  I am looking forward to their wedding day next April.  Julia is super organized and has beautiful ideas.  It is going to be a spectacular wedding day; I just know it!!


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  1. Gorgeous pictures Maria! They are lucky to have found you!

  2. Ashley says:

    Love love love the photos on the rocks! So pretty! And I love how you incorporated quotes into their love story

  3. Mandy says:

    This engagement session is so beautiful. Love her dress!

  4. Courtney says:

    Great variety! Her dress is gorg!

  5. […] I first met these two last year when they booked me to photograph their April 2022 wedding at the Jersey shore. We had so much fun at their engagement session. They chose to use the beaches in Cape May. It was a bit breezy the day of their session, and Julia wore the perfect dress. Check out their engagement session here. […]

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