Sunset Beach Engagement Session | Cape May New Jersey | Gina and Nick


Sunset Beach Engagement Session | Gina and Nick | June 2020

Sunset Beach Engagement Session.  I have always loved the beaches in Cape May, New Jersey.  As a south New Jersey Photographer, I recommend the area quite often for photo sessions.  Although the main beaches along Beach Ave are nice there is something special about the southernmost tip of New Jersey’s Sunset beach.  I love that the sun sets directly behind the water in that location and the pebble shoreline.  Another favorite spot of mine in Cape May is Cape May Point.   This state park has a lighthouse, beautiful beaches and a nature reserve.  It is a beautiful quiet beach and the lighthouse in the background makes for some great photos.

I met Gina and Nick at Sunset Beach for their engagement session on a beautiful day in June. Gina and I first met in March to talk about her wedding plans for her wedding in 2021. At that time, we were unsure of when we would be able to do their engagement session due to the Covid 19 virus. We set a date being hopeful that it would work out and all restrictions would be lifted. As the date approached, I was very optimistic that we would be able to do their session and was excited that we could do the session when we planned. I enjoyed the time I spent with them getting to know them better.  Not only do we get to practice posing at these sessions it also gives us a chance to talk and get to know more about each other.

Gina and Nick..their love story

Gina and Nick met on September 29, 2014 at an orientation for the Culinary Institute of America. After one of their classes Nick offered to take two of Gina’s new friends and her to Dunkin Donuts. Gina said since Nick was the only one who had a car they had to have him as  a friend. Haha. Just a couple days after they went to get coffee Gina asked Nick to come to her dorm to help with her printer. Nick swears to this day that Gina made the first move because she asked for help with a printer. Nick says that it was just an excuse to get him to come to her dorm room and Gina says that is false! She really didn’t know how to hook up her printer.

Nick ask Gina to be his girlfriend in December of that year. They stayed together until right after graduation (2016). He had moved back to New Hampshire and Gina moved back to New Jersey. They tried to make it work but unfortunately separated due to the physical distance between them. They would talk here and there but not often.

Gina said she believes in the statement, “if you love something set it free. if it comes back its meant to be”.  About 2 years after they separated, they started to talk again.  Then 4 months after talking about their future together Nick left his job as a chef de partie that he just got promoted to and moved to New Jersey to be with Gina. Gina felt bad about Nick leaving his new job but loved that he wanted to be with her, and they have been thriving as a couple ever since.

A Christmas eve Proposal

On Christmas Day Eve Gina was working all day and Nick was not. So, Nick had some time to plan and prepare for his proposal. He cooked Gina a great steak dinner and after dinner planned on opening Christmas gifts.  There was an envelope in the tree and Nick told Gina she had to open that last. Gina knew that something was up when he said that! She had been waiting for this day so kept looking for clues!

The envelope was a huge flag! Gina was right because in the envelope it said, “will you marry me?” and then said “Will this bribe you?”  The bribe was a chick-fil-a gift card. Gina LOVES chick-fil-a. Nick knew that Gina would have to say yes mostly because of the gift card. Haha.  Nick got down on one knee and officially asked Gina to marry him and of course she said Yes! They both say they aren’t the romantic type and pretty casual, so this proposal was just perfect for them.

When these two aren’t working they like to go fishing and kayaking. Gina loves the beach and Nick hates the beach. Once in a blue moon she gets him to go to the beach with her. He does complain the whole time, but Gina is happy he went with her. They enjoy going to restaurants and watching movies together.  And they love to antagonize each other! I got to see some of their playfulness during their session.


When I asked them what they envisioned for their wedding day they said they wanted it to run smoothly! And, they want to have nice time with family and friends while eating good food…lots of food. Basically, they want to celebrate their relationship! Gina is looking forward to seeing the cake since she is a pastry chef.  They also cannot wait to see where all the money they spent goes…lol…just kidding.  Most important is finally being married and starting their family.

Sunset Beach Engagement Session

The day we picked couldn’t have been any more perfect weather wise.  It wasn’t too hot but nice and warm.  There was a slight breeze which is always a good thing because I have been on the beach when the wind is not so nice!  We started taking some photos on one of the sand dunes with the sun behind them.  I love those photos because of the sunlight and Gina’s dress blowing in the breeze.  After we went through all the core poses, we headed down to the beach.  They walked along the shore and did particularly good dip kisses! I suggested we do some more photos in the sea grass then we headed down to Cape May Point state park.  I thought it would be nice to have a little change of scenery for their session and they agreed.

When we got to the park the first thing, we did was popped their bottle of champagne! I love doing these photos and everyone loves that they can take a drink or two of their props! There are a couple spots that I love to use while at the park.  I just love the fence and sea grass at the bottom of the beach entrance. I like to have my couples sit by the fence.  It looks so romantic. I also like to have them walk in front of the light house on the beach. So, we did just that.  These two were awesome and got all the poses down very quickly.  I had known how Nick felt about the beach, so I was happy that he just went along with all my suggestions.

Fun Time

We ended the session with some fun photos.  They both chose for their casual outfit to wear jeans and t-shirts of their favorite football team.  They wanted to have a couple of photos to show how they feel about the “other” team. No doubt there must be a big rivalry happening during the football season with these two.  I love when couples show some of their relationship during the session.

This engagement session with Gina and Nick was so much fun.  I cannot wait to continue to tell their love story next November when they say their I do’s. They are planning their celebration at the Seaview Dolce Hotel in Galloway, New Jersey.

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  1. Ela Sweeney says:

    Maria the pictures are beautiful! So many favorites I have picked out. Love the in the water shot and the one with team shirts on. So fun! Ring shots of course are gorgeous. Great great job in capturing their love story!

  2. frances reiter says:

    Just beautiful! Congratulations. May your lives entwined bring a lifetime of joy and happiness. The best is yet to come!

  3. Christina says:

    These photos are all gorgeous 😍. I hope their wedding is amazing.

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    LOVE the engagement story! And the beach lighting is to die for! So pretty! Congrats to these twp

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    love love love the engagement story!! & your images are just beautiful!!

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    Aww, I loved reading their story!! And these images are dreamy 😍

  7. Mary Ann says:

    So cute – I love her white dress and his blue shirt!

  8. Wow these two look so in love!! Beautiful captures!

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