ICONA Windrift Beach Wedding | Fall Wedding at the Jersey Shore | Avalon New Jersey | Lauren and Zach


Fall Beach Wedding | ICONA Windrift Wedding | Lauren and Zach

ICONA Windrift Beach Wedding. The ICONA Windrift is a beautiful venue for weddings along the South Jersey shore. Lauren and Zach’s wedding in October at the Icona Windrift in Avalon was a dream to photograph. They were married on Friday, October 13th, a lucky day for these two. Lauren and Zach radiate kindness and warmth, and the anticipation for their union was palpable. Before the big day, I coordinated extensively with Lauren, ensuring every detail was meticulously planned. Despite initial concerns about rainy and windy weather, fate granted us a stunning October day, perfect for their beach ceremony.

I sensed something magical about this couple from our first meeting in Ocean City during their engagement session. Their affection for each other was evident as we captured beautiful moments on the beach and boardwalk, fueling my excitement for their wedding day. Their shared love for ‘The Office’ was intricately woven into their engagement session and wedding, adding a delightful touch of personalization.

Fall wedding at the Jersey Shore

The day began at the Icona Windrift, where I immersed myself in capturing Lauren’s intricate wedding details. This included her breathtaking princess gown and the charming wildflower bouquets. The bride and her bridesmaids exuded elegance, complemented by an exceptional hair and makeup team. Lauren’s “something borrowed, blue, old, and new” held sentimental value, featuring a stunning blue-jeweled bracelet and her great-grandmother’s hand-embroidered handkerchief.

Dressed impeccably in his blue suit, Zach and his groomsmen gathered for photos, setting the scene for the heartwarming moment when Lauren and Zach first laid eyes on each other. Their authentic affection radiated, allowing us to freeze priceless moments on the beach before their magical ceremony. Opting to savor every moment of their cocktail hour, we ensured all their photos were taken before the ceremony commenced.

A beautiful beach ceremony

I absolutely cherish beachside ceremonies, and theirs was truly exceptional. Lauren and Zach’s vows were heartfelt, interwoven with laughter. As they walked down the aisle, the familiar melody of ‘The Office’ theme resonated through the air, mingling with the cascade of rose petals—a moment steeped in pure magic. Their radiant love for each other was palpable. Following family portraits and a few sunset photos, they joined in the celebration during cocktail hour. The reception was a symphony of affection and happiness, accentuated by a flawlessly choreographed first dance that captivated their guests.

What made this day even more magical was the relentless effort of their loved ones who contributed behind the scenes—creating personalized favors, handling dietary needs, crafting sentimental charms, and orchestrating elements that added layers of significance to the celebration.

Lauren’s advice to future couples resonates deeply—… “Try not to get so caught up in the stress of planning that you forget to make time for each other and remember the reason for the wedding. It all went so fast (I know, it’s cliche to say), and at the end of the day, it’s just one day or one wedding weekend. The most important thing is enjoying that time with your partner, family, and friends, who are there to celebrate with you. I didn’t even notice exactly which flowers were in each arrangement, which appetizers were the best at cocktail hour, and if all of the decor looked exactly like I saw it on Pinterest. I just noticed those who came, danced, talked, and laughed with me. One more tip– get a few ideas off of Pinterest, and then delete it! I definitely spent way too many hours on there…”.

Perfect day

Their wedding day was a tapestry of perfection, and I’m honored to have been part of their journey. Here’s to capturing many more chapters of their beautiful love story.

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