South Jersey Beach Sessions | South Jersey Photographer 2023 Recap | A Year of Golden Moments and Weather Surprises


Golden Moments and Weather Surprises | Beach Sessions 2023 Highlights

South Jersey Beach Sessions. In 2023, I had the pleasure of embarking on over 150 beach sessions along the picturesque Jersey shore. From April to November, my days were filled with capturing the enchanting golden hour in the morning and evening. There were even occasions when I seized the opportunity to embrace both the AM and PM glow in a single day.

The diverse array of sessions included photographing families, seniors, engagements, graduations, and maternity moments. Working on the sandy shores of South Jersey is a privilege I cherish daily. Each time my feet sank into the warm sand, I felt fortunate to immerse myself in this breathtaking environment year-round.

South Jersey Beach Sessions

Meeting new families and couples was a highlight of the year, adding a delightful touch of novelty to each session. However, the joy of encountering familiar faces, some of whom I’ve seen for seven consecutive years, was equally heartening.

Weather significantly shaped this year’s beach sessions, marking it as the most challenging summer since 2017, my first summer at the shore. Cloudy days and rain became the norm, leading to frequent rescheduling and the occasional battle against strong winds. I almost forget about the unexpected appearance of smokey skies, adding an extra layer of unpredictability. Fortunately, my clients demonstrated remarkable understanding, willingly adapting to new session schedules and days.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming year, I fervently hope for more sun, warmer temperatures, and gentle breezes. A collective “no rain dance” might be the key to a weather-perfect season! While the evening golden hour remains the preferred time for sessions, the trend towards morning sessions gained popularity this year. The soft, cool light of the morning offered a serene backdrop, especially on bustling summer days.

Despite the weather challenges, cloudy day sessions were embraced for the unique filter they provided, giving photos a creamy and ethereal quality. Amidst the playfulness with kiddos, furry family members made their adorable appearances, adding an extra layer of warmth to the sessions.

Looking forward to 2024’s summer season

In capturing these moments for my families and couples, I reflect on a year filled with golden memories, unpredictable weather, and the unwavering spirit of those who chose to embrace the beauty of each session. Here’s to hoping that the next year brings more sunshine, joyful moments, and endless opportunities to create timeless beach memories! See you at the shore!

  1. Amanda Matthews says:

    A strange weather year for sure! Our session was so windy and chilly, but somehow Maria still managed to capture us looking like we were having a wonderful time in between the tears and complaints of a 2 and 4 year old. Thanks for capturing the memories!

  2. Gina Morgan says:

    22! Any dates in the summer!

  3. Briana Fry says:

    A summer filled with beautiful sessions! We are looking forward to our session with you this upcoming summer!

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