Fall Cape May Wedding | Beach Wedding in Cape May | Cape May Point State Park wedding | Bryon and Wanda


Cape May Beach Wedding | Fall Wedding on Beach | Bryon and Wanda

Fall Cape May Wedding. September graced me with the honor of capturing the heartfelt union of Bryon and Wanda amidst the picturesque beauty of Cape May’s beach, nestled near the iconic lighthouse. Despite looming threats of rain, nature blessed us, allowing their dream beach wedding to unfold against a backdrop of grey skies and warm affection.

My journey with this endearing couple began during their engagement session a year ago. They chose the same beach where they would exchange vows. Their mutual love for the beach shone brightly, culminating in a moment where Wanda suggested they get into the water. After convincing Bryon, they found themselves amidst the waves—a sentiment she wished to recreate on their wedding day. I love it when couples want to get into the ocean. Such moments in the water often yield the most romantic photographs.

Fall Cape May Wedding

Their wedding day began at a nearby Airbnb, setting the stage for a beautiful narrative, from capturing intricate details to Wanda’s radiant gown, which she loved and made her feel like a mermaid. They had many details adorned with touches of Harry Potter. This motif was threaded through their celebration—every element carried a touch of personal significance. Bryon’s daughter, a cherished presence, radiated elegance in her dress, adding to the day’s allure.

The rooftop provided a perfect setting for their much anticipated first looks. We started with Bryon’s daughter, a heartwarming prelude to the emotional encounter with Wanda. We finished taking photos at the Airbnb then we went to the beach. On the ride there, I was hoping for a break in the sprinkles. Thankfully, they stopped, and the intimate ceremony unfolded, embracing beloved family and close friends. Handwritten vows exchanged between Bryon and Wanda exemplified the day’s emotional crescendo, deeply touching hearts. Wanda’s heartfelt vows to Bryon’s daughter contributed an additional layer of significance, enhancing the beauty of the moment.

Their first dance by the ocean mirrored the depth of their love, a captivating spectacle against the backdrop of the beach. With laughter and a touch of adventure, the couple attempted a post-wedding plunge into the ocean, symbolizing their union. Despite the chill, the waves served as a testament to their joyous celebration. Some of their guests and even Bryon’s daughter joined the celebration in the ocean.

Wedding day Advice

Every interaction with this couple, from their engagement session to meticulous planning, revealed their thoughtful approach and genuine intentions. Their wedding day, abundant with personal touches and heartfelt sentiments, radiated romance. Wanda’s advice to future couples resonates deeply—”This day is about you. Don’t be afraid to have the day you want rather than trying to please everyone. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Something is bound to not go according to plan, but you still get to start the rest of your life with your best friend.”

In commemorating Bryon and Wanda’s union, we witnessed a day filled with profound love. Their meaningful gestures and the unwavering belief that love conquers all. This sentiment is encapsulated in every moment of their unforgettable wedding day. I wish them years of love, laughter, happiness, and a dip in the ocean every anniversary.

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