Ocean City engagement photoshoot | Windy engagement session in Ocean City NJ | Kenny and Elizabeth


Ocean City Engagement photoshoot | Ocean City NJ Beach Session | Windy Beach engagement | Kenny and Elizabeth

Ocean City engagement photoshoot. Kenny and Elizabeth’s Ocean City engagement session in late September was an adventure of unforeseen circumstances and unyielding spirits. Planning ahead due to their distance from the Jersey shore, we set the session for a Saturday, but nature had other plans. Tracking the weather closely, we were up against a tropical storm set to drench the coast. Swiftly adapting, we rescheduled to beat the storm, landing ourselves in a session with wild winds.

Kenny and Elizabeth approached the shoot with remarkable resilience and enthusiasm despite the windy conditions. The wind, though unruly, lent an unexpected dramatic flair, tousling Elizabeth’s hair and dress, enhancing the photos with an incredible sense of vitality. Creativity came into play as we navigated the gusts, improvising poses and embracing the whims of the weather. We laughed so hard while blown up and down the beach by the wind. Afterward, we were happy to finish the session despite the crazy weather.

A September 2024 Wedding

They are both looking forward to their September 2024 wedding at the Deauville Inn in Strathmere, NJ. Kenny and Elizabeth anticipate a gathering that unites all their loved ones in one place—a rare occurrence. Their love story commenced on Tinder, leading to a memorable first date at Yard House. Kenny momentarily misplaced his wallet and had to go to his car, letting Elizabeth think he was not returning. But he did, and that led to an enduring connection.

Moving in together in April 2019, their relationship evolved amidst the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant moment unfurled during a trip to San Diego in November 2022. Kenny orchestrated a breathtaking proposal at Torrey Pines during sunset, prompting a characteristically candid response from Elizabeth, humorously sealing the moment.

Their shared interests span from hiking and Pokémon cards to video games, Star Wars, culinary adventures, beer tastings, and globetrotting. They love that no matter what they do, like just sitting on the couch, they always have so much fun and are comfortable with each other. Their wedding anticipates a celebration of their unique bond, capturing their adventurous spirits and the love that weaves through their journey.

Reflecting on their engagement session, I remember the laughter amidst the windswept beach. I eagerly anticipate their wedding, embracing the joy and authenticity that defines their love story.

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