Beach Proposal Cape May | Early Morning Surprise Proposal | Cape May NJ | Ryan and Lydia


Cape May Surprise Proposal | Early Morning Beach Proposal | Ryan and Lydia

Beach Proposal Cape May. An early morning surprise proposal in Cape May, NJ, became a heartwarming tale that began when Ryan reached out to me in early August. Photographing his proposal to Lydia sparked excitement, enhancing their upcoming Labor Day weekend stay in Cape May. Ryan’s eagerness to make their getaway extra special fueled our collaborative planning. Ryan could not wait to propose to his high school sweetheart.

Eagerly awaiting the perfect moment, Ryan was nervous and excited, but I assured him everything would unfold seamlessly. Knowing Lydia’s desire for a couples beach session, we crafted a plan to lure her to the shore without raising suspicions. We put together a plan that would take place on the beach near the Cape May lighthouse.

Early Morning Surprise Proposal

As the pieces of our plan fell into place, Ryan’s anticipation soared; after all, he had held onto her engagement ring for quite some time. The appointed day dawned with breathtaking beauty, featuring a canvas of cotton candy skies and the sun casting a hazy glow—a morning that epitomized the serenity of the beach. I was so happy they had such a beautiful morning because it had threatened to rain.

I guided them to one of my cherished, less crowded beaches. The scene was set, and we had the beach all to ourselves. Ryan was still a bit nervous, but Lydia remained blissfully unaware of what lay ahead. Commencing with casual couple poses, I orchestrated the pivotal moment when Ryan positioned himself behind her. With a few clicks of my camera, Ryan made his move, dropping to one knee.

I calmly told her to turn around to see the pose that Ryan was doing. Lydia was met with an unexpected sight—the love of her life proposing. Her surprise was evident, and joy overflowed as she accepted his proposal. Moments of pure bliss ensued, painting the morning with hues of love and happiness.

After the initial euphoria settled, we captured more moments, each frame radiating the couple’s genuine affection. Their love and natural chemistry made every pose effortless, showcasing their heartfelt connection.

Favorite type of Session

This proposal holds a special place in my heart for the couple’s sweetness and the picturesque weather that blessed the occasion. The allure of capturing surprise proposals never wanes; in fact, they continue to enchant me with each unique story. Ryan and Lydia marked the 19th couple to hold my cherished “she said yes” sign and the anticipation builds for the 20th surprise proposal.

The beauty of these moments—where love, surprise, and heartfelt joy converge—is what fuels my passion for capturing love stories, making each one as special as the next.

  1. Donelle Honabach says:

    Lydia’s mom here. Thank you so much for capturing this beautiful moment. The pictures turned out fantastic. We couldn’t be more excited for this beautiful couple. 😊

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