Flanders Hotel Beach Wedding | Beach wedding Ocean City NJ | Katie and Chris


Ocean City Beach Wedding | Flanders Hotel Ocean City, NJ | Katie and Chris

Flanders Hotel Beach Wedding. Katie and Chris, a couple whose journey spans over a decade, finally tied the knot in a stunning September beach wedding in Ocean City, NJ. Their love story, rooted in a decade-long connection, culminated in a celebration uniquely their own. For this pair, the traditional wedding norms took a backseat as they were determined to savor the moments of their union and revel in the festivities.

Their affection for the beach, particularly Ocean City, became the backdrop of their love story. This affinity was solidified when they got engaged on the beach two years ago, marking the beginning of their journey towards this beautiful day. Even in December, the beach held a special allure for them, as captured in their engagement photos from last year. It was a bit chilly, but these two didn’t mind. We had such a fun time taking pictures of their favorite OCNJ beach spots.

The lead-up to the wedding day was fraught with uncertainty due to unpredictable weekend weather. However, fortune smiled upon them, granting them the perfect day they had envisioned for their dream beach wedding. We had gorgeous sunshine, mild temperatures, and just a slight breeze.

Beach Wedding

The day commenced at the historic Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, where Katie adorned her beautiful gown and intricate details were captured in a series of photographs. The elegance of the Terrace Room served as an ideal backdrop for some stunning pre-ceremony images of Katie and her bridesmaids. Chris and his groomsmen prepared for the day in another room in the hotel. I met them in their suite and outdoors for some photos of them getting ready before we headed to the beach for the ceremony.

The excitement among friends and family was palpable as anticipation built for the long-awaited union. The couple exchanged vows on the 11th Street beach, accompanied by emotional vows and officiation by a close friend. Katie couldn’t wait to walk down the beach with her dad and see Chris smiling at her. All of her dreams came true.

Post-ceremony, the couple opted to prioritize their time with loved ones, foregoing a beach photo session to indulge in the full cocktail hour. After a handful of intimate moments captured on the beach and boardwalk, we proceeded to the grand reception at the exquisite Flanders Hotel.

An evening filled with love, laughter, and dancing

The vintage allure of the century-old hotel set the stage for an enchanting evening. These two enjoyed their cocktail hour amid drinks, appetizers, and heartfelt conversations. At the start of their reception, Katie and Chris embarked on their first dance to the tune of “Leather and Lace.” Shortly after dinner, the reception became lively, with the dance floor witnessing an outpouring of joy and celebration—just how Katie wanted it to be.

As our time together drew to a close, I captured a few additional shots of the couple in the enchanting hall of mirrors and wrapped up with final family portraits. Their festivities continued late into the night, a testament to the enduring love and immense joy shared on their special day. I admire their ability to infuse their celebration with unique personal touches, making it a truly distinctive and heartfelt event. I am sure these two will have a lifetime of good times, beach days, and love.

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