Cape May Proposal Surprise | She said Yes | Cape May State Park Proposal | Andres and Alexandra


Cape May Surprise Proposal | Cape May State Park | Andres and Alexandra

Cape May Proposal Surprise. This past summer marked a magical moment, as I had the privilege of capturing Andres’s pure joy in proposing to his girlfriend, Alexandra. The journey began in March when Andres reached out, entrusting me with photographing his surprise proposal. We first decided on my favorite location, the lighthouse in Cape May. With plans set for a July proposal, we delved into the intricate details of his vision. Collaborating on proposal plans is part of my work that I genuinely relish.

The perfect backdrop was created for their special moment when the chosen date arrived with radiant summer vibes. Andres and I synchronized our efforts seamlessly. I arrived ahead of time at Cape May State Park; I strategically positioned myself to look like I was taking photos of the lighthouse and ocean. The plan involved Andres approaching me to request a picture on his phone, setting the stage for the surprise proposal.

She said yes!

The weather was perfect, and the plan unfolded flawlessly, leaving Alexandra blissfully unaware. After they requested a casual photo on Andres’s cell phone, I seized the opportunity to suggest a snapshot on my camera, promising to email it to them later. Alexandra agreed, unknowingly stepping into the spotlight as she posed for a fun photo while Andres knelt behind her.

Her reaction upon turning around was priceless—genuine surprise mixed with disbelief, questioning the moment’s reality multiple times before joyfully affirming her ‘yes.’ The couple’s profound love for each other made the subsequent photo session a breeze, effortlessly capturing their connection’s essence. After savoring the newly-engaged bliss, we transitioned into a mini-session, freezing more beautiful moments.

A favorite session to photograph

This experience, documenting surprise proposals, holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite photography endeavors. As a sentimental touch, they joined a growing list of couples by signing my “She said Yes!” Sign, marking the 18th pair to leave their names on the back. To those contemplating whether to hire a photographer for their proposal, my emphatic response is yes—1000 times yes! The enduring memories captured are priceless, weaving your unique love story into the visual tapestry of your journey together.

  1. Jill Freehoff says:

    You did a wonderful job capturing their special day. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful photos we will cherish them always.

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