Summer Cape May Wedding | St Peter’s By The Sea Chapel | Cape May NJ Wedding | Lisa and Mark


Cape May Wedding | St. Peter’s Chapel Wedding | Lisa and Mark

Summer Cape May Wedding. In June, St. Peter’s By the Sea Church in Cape May became the enchanting backdrop for the beautiful wedding of childhood sweethearts Mark and Lisa. Their journey, marked by separate paths and serendipitous reunions, led them back to each other, culminating in a dream wedding I had always hoped to capture at this charming chapel near the shore.

Mark and Lisa’s love story, rooted in their school days, took unexpected turns. It led to marriages and the joy of children with other people. However, fate intervened, bringing them back together. Their decision to spend the rest of their lives together set the stage for a fairy-tale wedding by the shore. This was an ideal location for their love to blossom anew.

Cape May has always held a special place in my heart as a go-to location for capturing the essence of families, engagements, and weddings. One day, while searching for the perfect beach backdrop, I stumbled upon the charming St. Peters by the sea. Instantly smitten, I frequently paused to take a photo of this quaint little church on my walks to the beach. My excitement soared when Mark and Lisa shared their plans to exchange vows in this cute little chapel. Finally, the opportunity to photograph a wedding at this beloved chapel had arrived. I couldn’t wait to document the magic unfolding in its intimate and picturesque setting.

Summer Cape May Wedding

The St. Peter’s Church, bathed in sunlight, provided the perfect setting for their forever “I do’s.” Surrounded by their families and friends, the atmosphere echoed the excitement reminiscent of a Hallmark movie. The day’s little details made the occasion memorable, from Lisa’s radiant appearance in her wedding gown to the rose and hydrangea bouquet adorned with a wood carving. Mark had carved Lisa’s name on this piece of wood many years ago. Amazingly, Lisa kept it, and when Mark saw it, he was lovingly surprised.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, we ventured across the street to the picturesque beach for photos. The slight breeze added movement to Lisa’s dress and hair, creating stunning images that reflected the couple’s joyous celebration of their love.

Linwood Country Club

Mark and Lisa chose the Linwood Country Club in Linwood, NJ, for their afternoon reception, which held sentimental value. They remember meeting near a pavilion on the golf course during their youth, so we revisited the exact spot for photos. This symbolic gesture allowed them to reminisce about their journey and appreciate how far they’ve come, now happily married.

The day concluded with their first dance and a delightful cake-cutting, bringing together all the elements of a beautiful celebration for an equally gorgeous couple. Mark and Lisa’s love story, filled with twists of fate and rediscovered joy, unfolded in the quaint village of Cape May, leaving lasting memories for them and all who shared on their special day.

The power of love

Mark and Lisa’s dream wedding at St. Peter’s Church was a testament to the enduring power of love. From the initial connection as childhood sweethearts to the rekindled flame that brought them back together, their journey was a source of inspiration and joy. The charming locations, sentimental touches, and genuine happiness of the couple created a day that will be cherished forever.

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