Ocean City Engagement Session | OCNJ Beach Engagement Session | Emily and Mike


Ocean City Engagement Session | Ocean City NJ Beach Engagement Session | Emily and Mike

Ocean City Engagement Session. I love when my couples want to have their engagement sessions at locations with special meaning to them. Ocean City, NJ, was just the place for Emily and Mike’s engagement session. Mike has a house close to the beach, and the couple spent many hours at both locations.  When I book sessions in April, I never know what kind of weather we will have.  We had a sunny day! Yay! It was a tad windy which made it feel cooler than it actually was, but these two continued to smile through the whole session.

Emily looked so cute in her striped romper. Mike coordinated perfectly with her, wearing a simple white shirt and dark blue shorts. We started the session at Mike’s home. When Emily and Mike were in the beginning stage of their relationship, they spent hours talking and getting to know one another at his home. Since it was an essential part of their story, they wanted to have some photos there.

Beach Photos

Mike’s home is a short walk to the beach. We started taking photos on the beach path before heading down to the beach. The sun was beginning to set, so we had pretty light. Emily and Mike were perfect with their posing. Mike rocked his main pose, the nozzle! Most guys like this pose. ha-ha

We decided that we would pop the champagne down on the beach, so we headed down the path for the rest of the session. Before we opened the champagne, Emily wanted to take photos with the cute sign engraved with their wedding date. Mike couldn’t wait to pop the champagne.  I told him to shake it so that we could get a good pop. Well, he shook it so much that the champagne went everywhere! So much came out that there was hardly any left for them to drink.

Ocean City Engagement session

These two had photos taken a few years ago and didn’t like some of the posing. So, they asked to keep it simple and fun. That is precisely what we did! They made it easy because they were receptive to my ideas and laughed with each other! I could have kept going, but we decided to call it quits when I noticed their goosebumps and Emily’s fingers turned red. I had so many great shots, including the champagne explosion, that I knew they would be happy with their gallery.

Their love story

Emily said that the two of them met in a strange way! I say it was one of those situations that was meant to be. So, she was working at the local pizza shop, and one day Mike strolled in to pick up food. Being the go-getter, Mike decided to write his number and a small note on paper and slide it under the pizza box. After Emily read the note, she said she would not call a strange guy, so Emily decided to text him instead. They met a few days later at this house, and they talked all night long about everything! Emily felt so comfortable with Mike. She knew he would be someone who would be a part of her life, if not in a romantic way but as a friend. Well, it turned into a relationship, and they are now each other’s best friends!

A Valentine’s Day proposal

Mike and Emily had planned a dinner out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When they got to the restaurant, they realized it was BYOB. Since they wanted to celebrate, they left the restaurant to get some drinks. Emily didn’t think anything out of the normal was going on.  When they arrived at his house, Mike jumped out of the truck without opening the garage. Emily asked why they didn’t you open the garage, and Mike just played it off as not a big deal.

When they are standing in front of the garage, Mike plugs in the code to open the garage door.  The door started to rise, and suddenly, a bright light came on with a billboard sign saying “marry me” in the lights. Emily had a jaw-dropping moment. She had no idea and was completely surprised. After saying “you’re lying” about five times, she finally said yes!  Emily then heard shouts of “congratulations,” She then realized her parents were there to watch the proposal! It was a truly magical night.

Mike loves Emily’s drive and that she works hard at achieving her goals. Emily works hard at succeeding in everything she puts her mind to. Emily loves that Mike always makes her laugh. She could be having the worst day, and Mike always strives to make her smile.  These two love to watch movies/tv-shows together, go fishing, and play games.

A Spring wedding

Emily and Mike are getting married in March 2023 at a favorite venue, the Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. It is going to be a fun wedding! The two of them want to be able to take in every moment.  They want all the happy vibes! Emily also can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to all the details of their day.

I am looking forward to continuing to get to know these two, and I am sure we will have lots of laughs on the day of their wedding!

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