Engagement session South Jersey | Historic Batsto Village Engagement session | Lori and Wes


Engagement Session at Historic Batsto Village in South Jersey | South Jersey Weddings | Lori and Wes

Engagement Session South Jersey. Bathed in the golden glow of a warm late May afternoon, the Historic Batsto Village near Hammonton, NJ, became the backdrop for a love story that began in high school. Lori and Wes, high school sweethearts with a journey that spans seven years, met me in May for their engagement session. Amidst the rustic architecture and lush greenery, their nervousness transformed into radiant smiles and infectious laughter, setting the stage for a tale that includes prom dates, first kisses, and a surprise engagement on Clearwater Beach.

A Journey Through Milestones:

Lori and Wes’s journey reads like a cherished novel, with each chapter unveiling the milestones they’ve shared. From prom dates to Lori’s first kiss, navigating college, and enduring a long-distance relationship, their bond has only deepened over the years. Fast forward seven years, and Wes planned a memorable engagement on Clearwater Beach, Florida. Despite a minor hiccup where Wes almost lost the ring, he adjusted his plans and proposed the day after their arrival. Although the proposal didn’t unfold exactly as Wes had initially intended, Lori happily accepted, and now the couple is eagerly preparing for their wedding in March 2024.

Engagement Session in South Jersey

Beyond capturing stunning images, these pre-wedding moments are about building trust. The engagement session becomes a bridge between the photographer and the couple, creating the foundation for a relationship beyond just taking pictures. A sense of trust blossomed as we laughed, posed, and shared stories. This trust will undoubtedly translate into authentic, relaxed moments on a hectic wedding day.

Engagement sessions allow us to be creative, and posing is fun and relaxed. Getting to know Lori and Wes on a deeper level and hearing the intricacies of their love story and wedding plans allowed us to create a bond. I like to feel more like a friend than just a wedding photographer. The result? Beautiful, relaxed smiles and poses that speak volumes about the genuine connection we made during our time together before their wedding day.

Simple joy and laughter

Beyond the milestones, the heart of Lori and Wes’s story lies in the simple joys they share. Their love for watching anime, engaging in friendly sports competitions, playing video games, cooking together, and simply spending time in each other’s company speaks volumes about their connection. For Lori, Wes’s infectious smile and laughter are the qualities that brighten her day and Wes cherishes Lori’s goofy and fun-spirited personality, finding solace in her comforting presence during tough times.

As they look forward to their wedding day at the Running Deer Golf Club, Lori and Wes maintain a laid-back, easygoing attitude. They only wish for a fun and light-hearted celebration free of major catastrophes. With a commitment to going with the flow, they anticipate a smooth and joyous wedding day surrounded by the love of family and friends.

South Jersey Wedding

As a witness to their love story, I am thrilled to be a part of Lori and Wes’s journey. The Running Deer Golf Club will be the location for capturing the magic of their special day. Their love, laughter, and laid-back spirit will undoubtedly create unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more chapters in this beautiful love story.

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