Avalon Beach Engagement Session | Winter Beach Engagement Session | Avalon New Jersey | Lindsay and Dakota


Winter Beach Engagement Session | Avalon Beach New Jersey | Lindsay and Dakota

Avalon Beach Engagement Session. I love the beach any time of the year, and so do Lindsay and Dakota. They contacted me about photographing their engagement session this past March. We hoped for a semi-warm winter day, and after rescheduling due to rain, we had the perfect day.

They both wanted to have their session at the beach in Avalon. Dakota grew up in Avalon, right down the street from the shore, and loved the idea of having his engagement session on the beach he used to play at as a young boy. Lindsay and Dakota both love the beach, so it was the perfect location. I also love the beaches in Avalon. They are some of my favorite locations along the South Jersey Shore. I recommended we meet near the pier for their session. They also wanted to capture sunset photos on the dock at his family home.

Met on the West Coast, Engaged on the East Coast

While living in California, they had their first date in March 2020 after meeting on a dating app called Hinge. The first date was at a local bar, and they immediately bonded over all the music they played. They had so much in common and shared everything about themselves. Lindsay and Dakota fell instantly in love and went on several dates until everything got shut down due to the pandemic. At that point, they spent time together at each other’s apartments during the lockdown. They would make dinner, watch TV, and do work together. And they even adopted a kitten together. During the Summer of 2020, they met each other’s families, and everyone got along great! Lindsay and Dakota continued dating and eventually decided to move from CA to NJ the day before Thanksgiving of 2022.

Dakota proposed on Thanksgiving 2022. Every year, Dakota’s family plays a game called “Find Tommy Turkey,” where his dad hides a stuffed turkey, and everyone runs around the yard trying to find it. Dakota found it; Lindsay thought it was a coincidence and was happy he could find it on his first Thanksgiving home since 2019. Suddenly, Dakota gathered the family around the porch for a speech. Again, Lindsay thought nothing of this. She thought Dakota was giving a speech to thank everyone for welcoming them back home. NOPE! He brought her up and proposed to her before his family. Lindsay was shocked and thrilled and loved her ring, and it was gorgeous!

A silly sense of humor

They like going to the movies, watching TV shows, writing and recording sketch comedy videos for YouTube, and caring for their 2-year-old cat, Zula. Lindsay and Dakota both love each other’s off-beat sense of humor! I enjoyed seeing them laugh and be silly with each other during their session. These two love the 70s and old movies, and because they both worked in the entertainment industry, they know a lot about movies, their making, and fun facts about them.

Avalon Winter Beach Engagement Session

I believe that sessions can happen on the beach at any time of the year, and I was excited to do this for Lindsay and Dakota. I love their outfits, and Lindsay’s hat was a perfect touch. We started taking photos in the dunes where they could snuggle and relax. They both snuggled so nicely together.

After taking photos in the dunes, we walked down the pier. I love taking pictures underneath piers. The sun was at a perfect angle in the sky, and I caught several sun flares. I had them walk along the ocean, which was excellent with the cotton candy skies. We even saw the moon in a couple of shots. Dakota wanted to take a few photos on his family’s docks, so we left the beach to capture the sunset there. The sunset didn’t disappoint, and I loved the last pictures at his home, especially the ones of them on the steps.

I am excited to photograph their November wedding at the beautiful Sea Isle Yacht Club. They are having a ’70s vibe wedding and can’t wait to dance the night away with family and friends. They are a fun couple, and I look forward to capturing their special day.

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