Fall Wedding at Bogey’s | South Jersey Wedding| Angel and Nate


South Jersey Wedding | Fall wedding at Bogey’s, Sewell, NJ | Angel and Nate

Fall Wedding at Bogey’s. Angel and Nate had a gorgeous south Jersey wedding at this fun venue in Sewell, NJ. They had warm temperatures with a threat of rain later in the day. We hoped the rain would hold off till after their outdoor ceremony, but Mother Nature had another plan. However, she gave Angel and Nate the best gift after the rainstorm, a beautiful rainbow!

I met Angel and Nate last year. They are the sweetest couple, and I couldn’t wait to photograph this chapter of their life. Once they booked, we planned their engagement session and decided on the location to be at the Smithville Historic Village. We had the perfect day. The weather was warm and sunny, and the leaves were starting to change, offering pretty fall colors. The historic village has so many great spots for photos. We had such a fun time, and I love so many of their images. You can check out their session by clicking here.

Fall Wedding at Bogey’s

The day started at a hotel close to the venue. After saying hello to everyone, I began photographing Angel’s pretty details, including her gown, which she loved. She couldn’t wait to put it on and have a first look with her dad. Oh, my goodness, there were tears from both Angel and her dad. Angel also had a first look with the bridesmaids before I headed off to find Nate and his groomsmen, who also had a room at the hotel. We took photos of Nate and his groomsmen and Angel and the girls at the hotel, then went to the venue for the first look.

Bogey’s newly remodeled outdoor wedding space is charming. I can see why Angel and Nate fell in love with their venue. Once Nate arrived, we set up for the first look. They couldn’t wait to see each other and read their vows privately. I love when couples get to spend this time together. The day goes by so fast, that having a first look gives them time to enjoy each other and soak in the moment.

Torrential rain to a beautiful rainbow

I took photos of the two of them right after the first look. The sky was overcast, with some sun giving us pretty filtered light. The wedding party joined us for pictures before the guests started to arrive. In the distance, the sky began to get very dark. Angel and Nate wanted to have their ceremony outdoors and hoped the rain would hold off. Well, that didn’t happen. A little sprinkle turned into a horizontal wind-blown rain. They had to decide where they wanted their ceremony since they couldn’t use the outdoor space. Angel and Nate wanted to be outdoors and chose to have their ceremony outside, under a covered area, looking out at the pond. It worked out perfectly.

Mother Nature’s gift, a beautiful double rainbow, was the best part of the day. It was the brightest rainbow I had ever seen. I was so excited that the rain stopped, and we got to go outside to take photos with it in the background. We finished the family photos with enough time to head back outside to capture more romantic images on the bridge and by the giant willow tree. Thankfully, the rain stopped, and we could take all the photos that Angel dreamed of. Angel’s dress got a tad wet, but it was worth it.

A reception full of love and laughter

The reception was a party from the first moment it started. There was so much love for these two. Angel and Nate worked hard to make their wedding their own from start to finish- from the songs they chose to Angel’s nail color. They wanted it to be unique and incredibly special to them. Their wedding party was excellent and helped make Angel and Nate’s day perfect. Everyone danced and had a wonderful time. Angel, embracing the day, changed into a fun party dress. We ended the night with a sparkler send-off.

I like to ask my couples to share advice with future wedding couples. Angel and Nate said to figure out what is most important to you and what you can let go of. You don’t have to let go of it right away, but as the wedding gets closer, realize that with all the stress of planning, you may have to say, “I don’t need this.” Enjoy your day – everything is a blur, but nothing matters besides marrying your favorite person.

I enjoyed meeting Angel and Nate and photographing this chapter in their love story. Angel was so organized; I had fun planning and creating the photography timeline with her. I know these two will have a beautiful marriage. They are so in love with each other. I hope they will think of all the love they felt on their wedding day whenever they see a rainbow.

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