Fall Smithville Engagement Session | Historic Smithville New Jersey | Angel and Nate


Fall Smithville Engagement Session | South Jersey Engagement Session | Angel and Nate

Fall Smithville engagement session. Angel and Nate had a beautiful fall day for their engagement session. After going over several location choices, Angel and Nate decided on the historic village of Smithville. I enjoy this location because there are various places for photos, from a cute greenhouse to a fun carousel. This was Angel’s first time visiting the quaint little village. Nate had not been to the village since he was a kid. Although neither of them had a connection to the village, they both liked the feel it offered.

Having warm weather and a sunny day in November is a treat. I was excited to meet these two and could not wait to show them around the village. We started in one of my favorite spots, the area between the famous Smithville Inn and one of the shops. In this location is a path lined with trees and greenery that leads to the pond. I also love using the little greenhouse, the big white door and porch, and the moss-covered steps on this side of the village.

Beautiful fall colors

The trees were at peak color, and the sun was making them glow. We had to take advantage of capturing the sun peeking through the leaves. Sometimes when I have the sun in the lens, it will create a sun flare, and I love capturing sun flares! Angel and Nate snuggled so well that it was a breeze going through all the poses.

Fall Smithville Engagement Session

Another popular spot at the Smithville village is the bridge. It was not hectic at the time of day we were there, so we could do quite a few shots on the bridge without pausing to let people cross it. After this spot, we headed over to the carousel. Since no one was riding the carousel, we asked the ride attendant if we could take some photos on it, and thankfully, he said sure.  We had the best time taking those photos. I was so happy that we could use the carousel. They are some of my favorites from the session.

Angel and Nate’s Love story

I include engagement sessions in my wedding packages for a couple of reasons. First, we practice posing and work together before the wedding day. And second is I get to know my couples better and hear about their love stories. I also include a special blog post for my wedding couples. Their blog posts highlight the engagement session with photos and tells their love story.

Angel and Nate had mutual friends who had a party they both attended. They ended up talking that entire day! Nate had not asked for Angel’s number by the end of the night, so she gave him her business card. He texted Angel the very next day. He later told Angel that waiting that long was hard! Before they knew it, they were talking on the phone every day! Nate thought Angel did not like him, so he had not asked her out on a date. Angel finally mentioned that they should get together.

Nate planned the most fantastic date. It started with dinner at the Anchorage in Somers Point. After dinner, they walked the boardwalk and played mini-golf in Ocean City. They did not want the night to end, so they talked on the beach for hours. Angel called her dad to tell him how fantastic her day was on the way home from that date. Angel and Nate both knew then that they had found their person. Angel left on a work trip for an entire month – the ultimate test! They talked the whole time she was away. Nate even learned how to Facetime (reluctantly), and they picked up right where they left off when she returned home. The following two years were full of laughter, fun, and a strong emphasis on learning effective communication.

The Proposal

They had a Disney vacation planned with Nate’s family in May. Angel had no idea he had called her dad to ask permission to marry his daughter! While they were at Disney, Angel kept noticing trivial things that kept happening but never put two and two together, like running into family members who said they were not coming on the trip. On the night of the proposal, everyone got ready to head to dinner at Shula’s in the Swan & Dolphin hotel. Part of the plan was to tell Angel they would be taking family photos before dinner.

Thankfully, Angel did not notice her friend carrying their celebration cake walking to the fountain. Everyone thought for sure that she knew what was going on. Nate and his mom did the ring exchange while heading down the escalator! They took many group photos, and then Nate and Angel took pictures by themselves. After taking a few, Nate’s mom said, “Now make a funny face,” Suddenly, Nate was down on one knee in front of his family.

Nate had been telling Angel for a long time that he would propose to her with a ring from a vending machine. He and his mom had used a little plastic vending machine ball, cut a piece of foam to fit it, and a slit for the ring, and sure enough, he proposed with a “vending machine” ring. Angel laughed and headbutted him in front of everyone. They had a wonderful celebration dinner together with their family and friends!

Laughing and Exploring

These two love to laugh with each other. I hear that Nate is quite the jokester. They love watching movies and TV shows, spending time with friends and family, and exploring new foods! Nate loves Angel’s eyes and that she is such a kind person. Angel loves that Nate makes her laugh and that he enjoys eating new foods and traveling as much as she does.

They envision their day to be filled with family and friends. Angel has not seen her whole family in many years, so she looks forward to everyone being together. They hope to eat the food (it will be delicious) and dance a lot (they love to dance). They both cannot wait to have all their people together celebrating, and Angel cannot wait to see Nate cry.

This September, I am looking forward to their wedding at Bogey’s in Sewell, NJ. I am sure it will be filled with laughter with many romantic moments.

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