LBI Engagement Session| Barnegat Lighthouse Engagement session| Kristen and Nick


Barnegat Lighthouse State Park | Spring Engagement Session | Kristen and Nick

LBI Engagement Session. Kristen and Nick wanted to have their engagement session on the beach. After going over several choices, they decided on Barnegat Lighthouse state park in LBI. I love this location and have photographed several sessions there, so I know where all the great areas are. We almost chose another park when I found out the lighthouse was under construction but decided to keep their first choice since there are so many great spots for photos.

I met Kristen on a zoom call when she was looking for photographers. I enjoyed hearing about her plans and love story and was excited that they chose me to photograph their wedding next April at Terrain Gardens in Devon, PA. It is a gorgeous venue, and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

Spring Engagement session

The lighthouse is under construction and right now looks like something out of the Star Wars movies. It isn’t very photogenic. Ha-ha. I usually have the lighthouse in the background when I photograph at this location, so I had to change the game plan and use some of the other areas in the park. This park offers many pretty spots for photos without the lighthouse in the background. We had a cloudy day which perfectly filters the light. There was a chance of rain, so I kept an eye on the radar, and I knew we had about an hour before it was supposed to start raining.

Kristen and Nick looked so cute in the outfits they chose. They brought their dog, Beau, with them as they wanted to include him in a couple of their photos. We started in an area with tall grass, which was a request from Kristen. I love the photos we took in that spot. After we popped their champagne, we headed to find their friend, who kept an eye on Beau. He was ready for his photos and did an excellent job.

Secret Location

After we finished at the park, we headed to another location. I call this my secret location as it isn’t part of the Barnegat Lighthouse park. I love this spot because it takes you to an area of high dunes and is just beautiful. When I first discovered this location, I knew I would have to use it again when I was near the lighthouse. Kristen and Nick loved it, and it was the perfect ending spot for their session. It started to sprinkle as we took the last photos, and by the time we got to our cars, it was raining. Perfect timing!

Kristen and Nicks Love story

Nick and Kristen grew up in the same town and knew each other but never talked or became friends. In March of 2019, Nick messaged Kristen on Instagram. Typically, Kristen would not have answered the unexpected message but remembered that Nick and his friends were good guys in high school. Since he was the cute guy who went into the Marines, she decided to answer the message. Nick asked Kristen if she wanted to get sushi in 4 weeks. Kristen did say yes but was confused about why the four-week wait. He explained that he was in New Hampshire at the time for a training school and wouldn’t be back to Jersey until then. Kristen then said, “Well, maybe you should ask me again when four weeks get a little closer.” Nick responded, “definitely will.”

Kristen thought they would exchange phone numbers and text here and there, but it was radio silence for four weeks to the day. Then comes the “so about that sushi?” message. They decided to meet for drinks that upcoming weekend. Kristen was a waitress when they first started talking and got off work very late the night they were supposed to meet for drinks. Nick was a bit nervous about finally going on their first date and was pacing in his room, waiting for Kristen to text she was out of work. They did meet late that night and had drinks in the corner booth of The Dublin House. They talked until the bar closed.

A Puppy and a Ring

After that first date, they ended each date by scheduling the next one. In June 2019, Nick asked to make it official while driving to the annual St. Stan’s carnival. In June 2020, they celebrated their first anniversary and moved in together! They got their puppy, Beau, in March 2021 and in December 2021, they got engaged! Kristen and Nick spent all the time in between laughing, hanging out with friends, and planning weekend trips to new places. Now they’ve upgraded to wedding planning!

Nick proposed on Christmas Eve of 2021, and Kristen had absolutely no idea it was coming. They stayed at Kristen’s Aunts house in Brigantine, NJ for the holidays. Before dinner was ready that day, Nick asked Kristen if she wanted to take a walk on the beach. Kristen said yes, and they were on the beach for just a few minutes when Nick pointed out that he saw her parents walking to meet up with them. Later Kristen found out that this was all part of the plan.

Surprise Proposal

Her mom asks to take a picture with her, and afterward, Nick asks to take one too. After her mom took a picture of the two of them together, Kristen had to check her phone to make sure it was a good photo. When she turned around, Nick was down on one knee! Everything was a blur from that moment! They remember her mom circling them like paparazzi to get all the good photos. Once they got back to the beach house, Nick got everyone’s attention to let them in on the surprise. Kristen could not talk, so she just lifted her left hand. Everyone was beyond excited, and it was just the best day for them!

They both love to spend time together doing everyday life like running errands, having coffee, and grocery shopping. Kristen said Nick can make grocery shopping a fun date. They also enjoy spending time with their puppy, Beau, and watching movies together on the couch. Kristen loves all the sweet little things Nick does, and Nick loves how Kristen looks at life. She is always in a good mood, and everyone that meets her ends up loving her.

Spring Wedding Planned

Kristen and Nick envision their wedding day being full of emotion and love. They both expressed wanting the day to be unique and highlight their love for each other. Besides writing their vows, they wish to have two first dance songs. The songs they choose will remind them of each other, and the song each chooses will be a surprise on the wedding day. I am in love with this idea! Kristen is excited to walk down the aisle and read her vows. They are not doing a first look, and Kristen is optimistic that Nick will start to cry when he sees her coming down the aisle.

LBI Engagement Session

I had so much fun with these two. They were so carefree and so receptive to all my ideas. Posing came naturally to them, and I think they were both models in a past life. I am looking forward to their wedding day! They are going to be a gorgeous wedding couple.

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