Romantic Beach Engagement Session | Ocean City New Jersey | Corinne and Mateus


Romantic Beach Engagement Session | Beach Engagement Ocean City, NJ | Corinne and Mateus Engaged

Ocean City NJ Engagement

Romantic Beach Engagement Session.  Corinne and Mateus met me in Ocean city, Nj on a beautiful summer morning in September.  These two wanted a quiet beach with a pier for their engagement session.  We decided that the 14th street beach in Ocean city would be perfect for what they were envisioning. When I saw them walking down to the beach, I just knew we were going to have a good session!

These two are getting married on top of a mountain in Colorado. They were telling me that they will start to climb the mountain early in the AM to be at the top by sunrise. It will be just the two of them and their guide. I guess in Colorado you don’t need anyone to officiate the wedding. You can just say your vows and you are married! These two have such an adventurous spirit about them that their wedding day fits them perfectly. Corinne contacted me about photographing their wedding party next year and I am excited to capture these moments for them.

They met in a crowd of 60,000 people

They met at a music festival surrounded by approx. 60,000 people. Mateus asked Corinne if he could join her for a game of cornhole. If he won the game, he would get her number. While playing they talked and laughed a lot and to this day, Mateus claims he knew they were meant for each other since that first day. Mateus did end up winning the game. However, Corinne did not let him win!

Mateus got Corinne’s info but they did not talk again after that day until one day when Corinne accidentally pocket dialed him. She was super embarrassed and hung up before it even started ringing, hoping that it did not go through. Mateus texted her shortly after and asked her to call him back. She apologized and explained that it was a mistake. Corinne was super embarrassed that she called this random guy that she hadn’t spoken to since they met.

Well, Mateus was insistent that she call him back so, she called him back. The two of them ended up talking into the early hours of the morning and started calling each other every day after that. At that time, they lived in different states and Mateus started making weekend trips to see Corinne. They instantly clicked and totally fell in love. On their first get-away together, they drunkenly tried to get married (yikes, ha-ha!). After 4 months of long-distance dating Corinne ended up moving to NJ and starting over in her career. Everyone thought she was crazy! But when you know, you know! One year after living together Mateus popped the question!

Mateus asked Corinne to marry him

Mateus asked Corinne’s best friend to take her to get her nails done on a girls’ day. After the nail appointment, Corinne’s friend told her about a cute nature conservatory nearby. Corinne was wearing heeled boots and didn’t really want to go for a walk. Her friend insisted and Corinne agreed to go for a walk. While on the a path in the park they came up to a pond with a beautiful set of stone stairs and on the stairs was Mateus holding flowers. He started the proposal by clearing his throat and saying, “So I’ve prepared a few words.” Corinne giggled when he said that. When she said yes, the group of joggers that had stopped to watch cheered for them. Later that day they went to a beautiful steakhouse and had a lovely dinner complete with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Romantic Beach Engagement session

We started their session by the dunes, and this is when I knew that it was going to be a good session. These two needed no coaching on posing. They snuggled and held each other so perfectly I just let them do their own thing.  Corinne looked gorgeous in her white dress and Mateus just smiled at his girl the whole time.

When I asked them if they wanted to get a little wet, they both were excited and said of course. We started out under the pier and that is where I took one of my favorite photos of the whole session. They had a big wave hit them and it made for the best reaction from the two of them.  We also did some poses on the shore and the waves made those photos so perfect!  I just loved working with these two!

Adventure mixed with stability

I enjoy getting to know my couples and love to hear about their love story.  These two train in jiu-jitsu and play tennis.  They also love to find hole in the wall restaurants to try and both love Star Wars and Marvel movies. When I asked them what they love most about each other they said that they came into each others lives when they didn’t know that they really needed each other. Corinne gives Mateus stability and grounding while Mateus brings Corinne adventure and risk.

After saying their vows on a mountain top in Colorado, they will be having a celebration in New Jersey with their family and friends.  I am looking forward to capturing their celebration next year!

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