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Kelly and Troy | Brigantine Beach Engagement Session | South Jersey Wedding

Brigantine NJ Beach Engagement. Kelly and Troy are getting married May 2022 at the Trump National Golf Club.  I met Kelly a few years ago at her friend’s wedding.  When she contacted me about wedding photography, I was excited and couldn’t wait to talk details and timelines.  They are getting married on Kentucky Derby Saturday at a gorgeous venue.  They met betting on that race so they thought it was the perfect date for their wedding!

Their horse lost the race, but they won each other’s heart

They met at the end of their senior year of college at Widener University. It was the last week before graduation and they went with a friend to go bet on the Kentucky Derby. They talked a lot that night since their friend left them alone. The horse they bet on lost the race that day, but they planned to go out to dinner and the rest is history. After graduation they continued to see each other in a long-distance relationship. They were only able to see each other on the weekends for about 4 years. Kelly was able to get a teaching job closer to Troy’s area. They lived with Troy’s parents for 2 years before they found their own house.

An Engagement surprise

They spent most of quarantine house hunting. After finding the perfect house they put an offer on it. It was their 6th year dating anniversary which brought them some luck because they landed that house!  Troy left the open house, and he went to jeweler and bought a ring. He proposed the day of closing right before they walked into their house for the first time with their own key. Kelly was in total shock!! Kelly’s parents and some friends were on their way to help them “move in” but it turned into a celebration instead!! The long stressful process of buying a house during Covid times was worth it!

Food, cooking and Margarita’s

Kelly and Troy love food!! They love to go try new restaurants and cook new recipes together. Just like myself, they love Margaritas! Troy used to race his quad in upstate NY and PA. They really enjoyed loading up the truck and traveling to see his race in different places. Now he likes to ride his dirt bike on different tracks around the state. Kelly loves to go along for the ride to watch him ride and take pictures. In the summer the two of them love to go down the shore to hang out on the boat and ride jet skis.

Brigantine NJ Beach Engagement Session

When we started to talk about their engagement session Kelly and Troy knew exactly where it would be. The beach. They love the location of Brigantine! Brigantine is a special place to them because they spent a lot of time there during the first summer of dating. Brigantine was the place where they really got to know each other. So, the beach in Brigantine was the location.  When the day arrived, the weather kept going back and forth from no rain to rain.  We decided to go ahead with the session anyway and take a chance on no rain.

Little bugs

We started the session at the north end of the island.  The dunes are pretty in that area of the island and it is usually not very busy with people.  Well, after a few pictures by the dunes we were running back to our cars.  Thankfully, the rain held off, but we were tortured by little bugs.  They were horrible! I suggested we change plans, and we headed down to the south end of the island.  Well, that was the best decision because there were no bugs (yay!), and we had a pretty view of the Atlantic city skyline.

Since there was a chance of rain the skies stayed overcast. We only got a peek of sun but did have some awesome moody skies.  Kelly wore a flowered dress that moved so nice with the ocean breeze.  They popped a bottle of champagne, walked along the ocean and danced on the beach.  We had lots of laughs despite the start of the session not going very well.  One of the things I have learned is to just go with the flow because sometimes you get awesome results!

A May 2022 wedding

These two envision their wedding day celebrating with friends and family, eating some really good food and dancing the night away! Kelly and Troy have been to over 20 weddings together and are excited to finally go to their own wedding! Troy loves Kelly’s smile, her eyes and her big heart. Kelly loves that Troy can always make her smile and keeps her on her toes.


I am looking forward to photographing their big day!!

Brigantine Beach engagement session


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    The pictures are so beautiful. Love her dress. They make such a cute couple. Congratulations!

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