East Point Lighthouse Engagement | South Jersey Engagement Session | Sara and Matt


East Point Lighthouse Engagement Session | Cumberland County Engagement Photographer | Sara and Matt

East Point Lighthouse Engagement Session.  I love lighthouses.  I was so excited to go to this lighthouse again to do Sara and Matt’s engagement session. It was my third time to use these grounds for an engagement session.  The area around the lighthouse has changed every time I have been there.  This lighthouse is endangered by the erosion from the river and bay. The water is threating to overtake the area where the lighthouse sits. The caretakers are actively battling to keep the lighthouse safe.

First Date

Sara and Matt have such a sweet story and the East Point Lighthouse is part of that story. These two met in 2014. They were at a youth group at their church when they started talking briefly.  Sara had asked Matt to download a game on his phone called Flappy Birds.  From there they began texting and bonding over this silly game. They were always trying to beat each other’s score.  Sara and Matt grew closer and in March of that year Matt asked Sara out on a date.  Where did they go?  The East Point Lighthouse!  They watched the sun set together. That was the beginning of many more memories made together.

The fall of 2014 Sara began her first year of college, and Matt was there every step of the way. Two years later during the summer of 2016 they worked the same summer job in Ocean City, and they would take walks on the boardwalk after work. In February of 2018 they got the keys to their own apartment, which they share with their kitty, Spice. In May of 2019, Matt finally popped the question. The two are busy planning a wedding and moving into their new home!

First moments for the rest of their lives

Sara had a couple of things that she wanted to do before she got engaged.  She had let Matt know that she wanted to get an apartment and live with each other.  Check.  The second thing was to have graduated with her undergraduate and master’s degrees.  They had a big vacation planned after Sara graduated from Stockton University with her master’s degree.  Matt knew both things were checked and that he could now propose!

So, while on their cruise he took Sara on a walk on the cruise deck to watch the sunset.  While he was standing behind her looking at the sun set, he started talking about all the firsts they had done together and that he knew they were made for each other.  He then got down on one knee and asked Sara if she would continue to have first moments together for the rest of their lives!

He popped the question and gave Sara a beautiful ring! And of course, she said yes!!  Who would say no to that romantic proposal!!

East Point Lighthouse Engagement Session

Sara and Matt dressed perfectly for their session.  Sara’s dress was long, and the breeze caught it several times, which I just love to capture in the photos. I highly recommend a formal outfit and a more casual outfit for your session.  We started with their formal outfits by the lighthouse.  I also enjoy it  when couples say they have no idea how to pose and then knock it out of the park.  Sara and Matt were naturals, and you could see their love in many of the photos.

After we took some photos on the rock jetty, which are some of my favorites, we did some along the little beach.  The sun was in the perfect spot to capture some sun flares! Before we ran out of the pretty golden light, Sara and Matt changed into their shorts and we did some fun shots sitting and hanging out by the old dock.

Perfect for each other

I love getting to know my wedding couples better before their big day.  When I am photographing their engagement sessions, I get to see how they interact with one another and hear more about their story.  I could tell during their engagement session that they were simply perfect for each other.  These two enjoy watching movies, cooking together and hiking in the woods.  They envision an intimate wedding but also a fun day spent with their family and friends.

The wedding venue they chose for their day is The Renault Winery in Egg Harbor township, NJ. It is just beautiful. I love the venue and am excited to capture their wedding day!

Sara and Matt’s birthdays are exactly a week apart.  Their wedding date is in the middle of those two dates!  They will have lots to celebrate next October!

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  1. Monica says:

    I would love to have a session at a lighthouse! Great images!!

  2. Stacie says:

    Love the location. The lighthouse is so cute! I really like the photos on the beach with the sun in the back!

  3. Josefin says:

    Wow. I love these pictures, especially the ones on the beach with the sunset. Just gorgeous!

  4. Sara says:

    Such a sweet beach engagement session!

  5. […] I first met Sara and Matt when I photographed their engagement session. They were such a sweet couple, and I could not wait to photograph their love story. The East Point lighthouse was the exact location of their first date, so it was the perfect spot for their engagement session. I love lighthouses, which made me even more excited to photograph their session at the East Point Lighthouse. I enjoyed hearing about their fun love story. You can see their beautiful engagement photos and read about their love story here—Sara and Matt’s Engagement session. […]

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