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Meet Brittany and Jon

“I choose you and I’ll choose you. Over and over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you.” 

Estelle Manor engagement session. Springtime is a fun time to have an engagement session.  The trees and flowers start to bloom and can add beautiful scenery to the photos.  It is a time of rebirth and celebration.  Engagement sessions are like spring, blooming with love and waiting for the best to come!  I met Brittany and Jon for their engagement session this past March.  The world was just on the verge of getting crazy with the pandemic.  I am so glad we were able to meet at Estelle Manor park in Mays Landing, NJ.  I enjoy using this park because of the old glass factory adds a nice rustic backdrop for photos.  There are also wooden bridges, paths through the woods and a boardwalk trail.  I also loved that we were able to find a blooming cherry tree!

Christmas morning proposal

These two love birds met through mutual friends years before Jon decided to reach out to Brittany. There were no sparks at the first introduction but later Brittany knew he was perfect for her. They dated for about a year and a half before Jon decided to pop the big question! He got down on his knee Christmas morning to propose to his love. Of course Brittany said yes!  Brittany and Jon love to walk the beach. They both love to eat and love going out to eat.  A evening of watching movies is a perfect night for them. When I asked what they both love about the other they both said ” how perfect we are together”.

Brittany and Jon are getting married this November . They are having their ceremony and reception at Bogey’s in Sewell, NJ.  They both want a smooth flowing, fun filled day! Brittany’s sister is helping her put together the wedding day.  Having her sister stand beside them while they say their vows is a moment Brittany is looking forward to.  The two of them are looking forward to their first dance as a married couple.

the old glass factory, Estelle Manor engagement session

We started the session by the old glass factory that is in Estelle Manor park.  I love the arched windows that the old factory has.  The old brick and architectural remains is real pretty.  The old factory does make a nice backdrop for photos.  I got to see the chemistry between these two when I asked them to nuzzle and snuggle. It was so sweet when Jon kept kissing her in between photos.  I was like, “Wait! You have to do that again so I can capture it!”

Estelle Manor park has bridges, paths through the woods and elevated wooden nature trails. It is one of the most popular parks in the area and I love all the photo opportunities that it offers. Just down the path from the glass factory is a wooden bridge. We took some pictures at the bridge.  While we practiced a few more core poses we talked more about their wedding plans.  I love this time I get to spend getting to know my wedding couples!

Beautiful ring!

I also captured some ring shots of Brittany’s gorgeous engagement ring.  Brittany found this cute little nut while we were walking.  The inside of the nut had a heart shape.  It was perfect.  I told her to keep it for the wedding day.  It will be fun to use it on that day to capture some wedding ring photos.

Blooming cherry trees

Once we were finished with photos by the bridge I took a few minutes to do a little video for them.  I love capturing a quick video on my phone of my couples walking, twirling and kissing.  Just a little keepsake from their engagement session.  After we did the quick video we jumped in our cars and headed down the road looking for a blooming cherry tree.  I knew there had to be one in this park.  Well, we found the perfect tree!

We ended our session doing some core posing and practicing the kissing dip! I love this pose on the wedding day!  It is a timeless photo of the couple kissing.  There are a few tricks to achieve the perfect dip!  We also did some twirling.  I think Jon was liking the twirling part of the session more than Brittany.

Thank you!

I enjoyed getting to know this couple! I love the affection they have for each other.  November will be here before we know it and I am looking forward to capturing their special day.

  1. Catie says:

    Those trees are absolutely beautiful! I wish we had some like that where I live! Love all of the beautiful photos!!

  2. Sara says:

    It looks like such a fun location for an engagement photo session!

  3. Lauren says:

    Beautiful! I love that ring!!!

  4. Ashley says:

    You captured so much sweet emotion between them. Beautiful!

  5. Courtney says:

    Love that foreground shot!

  6. Hayley Moore says:

    I LOVE that feature image, that tree is gorgeous! Estelle Manor is lovely!

  7. Josefin says:

    Very beautiful photos! I’m sure they will cherish them forever!

  8. […] I met Brittany in February when she booked me to photograph the wedding.  We talked about plans and ideas for her wedding day.  She said that she had a great wedding planner, her sister, Ashley! She loved that Ashley was helping her plan her day.  We also talked about the engagement session.  After talking with each other, Brittany and Jon, decided they would like to go to a park for their session.  I had suggested Estelle Manor Park in Mays Landing. We had to reschedule the session on our first attempt and then we had to worry about the Corona Virus. Everything finally worked out for a day in March and it was perfect because the cherry trees were still blooming.  Click here to see their beautiful engagement session. […]

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